Exploring the Playa – Stuck in Customs

Exploring the Playa

Have a camp at Burning Man 2011?

Do ya?  I’m homeless and interested in some camps!  I am also completely useless.  The only thing I can do is take photos.  I can’t cook or build things very well.  Everyone else at Burning Man seems to be extremely handy.  All I can offer is my sardonic wit, my camera, and I come with a full load of gourmet chocolate from Europe that I keep refridgerated in my RV.  So that’s not so bad.

More Burning Man Photos

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Early Morning ABC Appearance

I’m going to be on in the morning… have to drive into the studio about 6:30 AM, of all things.  Good god man… I’m a blagger.  I sleep then!  But, I gotta go… I missed the last one because of a scheduling conflict and missed my appearance time.  The producer had to call me… it was too late.  I didn’t mean to rockstar-out on her, and I promised I won’t pull another charlie-sheen.

Daily Photo – Exploring the Playa

Here is another set of photos for you! I’m releasing these in small groups, just because I have so many… and it goes against my one-photo-per-day thing. But that’s just a thing you know. Ain’t nothin’ but a thing.

I usually don’t put captions, but I have been for these Burning Man shots… so see below for more details.

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In the central gathering area, I found all sorts. I mean all sorts. I felt woefully regular, but I did have my steampunk stuff on, so I liked paying attention to other steampunk stuff, like this guy. We just kinda stared at each other for a while. It was kinda weird, but kinda cool.


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I was taking photos of this heiro-jeweled skull, and then an Indian gal in a yellow dress came up and started dancing all over it. I have photos of that too, but I ended up liking the skull alone, best. Bejeweled skulls don’t need Indian dancers to make them more awesome!


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The metal dragon-car was my favorite of the vehicles. It wasn’t the biggest, but the fully movable and fire-breathing head was incredible.


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Close to sunset, lamplighters in white robes start to roam the desert. They take these lanterns and hang them high on poles so burners can find their way through the dark of night.