The Batmobile – Stuck in Customs

The Batmobile

New video soon from SmugMug

This last two days has been crazy… I stopped up at the SmugMug offices (aave you seen my SmugMug Review?) yesterday for one of their amazing lunches. They have this chef there in the building… makes all natural organic stuff and it’s pretty dang amazing… kind of over-the-top amazing. Anyway, they got me on video talking about a special piece of art they put up there in the office… and it might turn out interesting.

The Photoshop team at Adobe also got me on video (besides the speech), and I think they are putting that on their FB page soon — will link when it is done.

Daily Photo – The Batmobile

On one of my little Texas road trips, I saw this thing on the side of the road and it was worth a turn-around! It kind of makes me want to have an awesome and impractical car like this. Everything else I do in my life is so dang practical…I think I need an impractical car!

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