Russian in the Woods – Stuck in Customs

Russian in the Woods

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4 PM Pacific Time today (Friday), join me live on video at! I’ll be on with Lisa Bettany and Leo Laporte for a new photography show. If you can join live in the chat room, I’ll hand out a free gift for all of you in there!

@Photoshop Tweets from Adobe Speech

During my talk yesterday at Adobe, the team there sent out a bunch of tweets… quoting me during the talk. I grabbed a bunch of them to put here below for you, in advance of the video that I think they are workin’ on:

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “Art on the Internet is just getting started, its not a saturated market.”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “You have to have saturated and not saturated parts of the image to give eyes a break and keep viewers on the image”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “We picture ourselves as stars of our own movie…and we like to capture it for ourselves in a more meaningful, rich way.”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “Next time you go out to shoot, try wearing some ear phones..What happens is unexpected.”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “If you can separate yourself from what is going on, everything can become dreamlike and you can see things in a new light.”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “I challenge you to be awesome. We’re at an unprecented time in history to be awesome together rather than alone.”

Daily Photo – Russian in the Woods

Russians often just look cool. I don’t know how they do it. They don’t even have to try, but they just kind of have this “edge” that I can’t put my finger on.

I took this shot of Vulva (pronounce the “V” like Chekov did with nuclear wessuls) when we were walking in the woods in Patagonia. I had gotten up ahead of him about a quarter mile, and I stopped to take of my bag to get a snack. I like snacks when hiking. Snacks are so good. Anyway, I heard Vulva coming up behind me, so I spun around my camera to take this quick photo of him walking at me. I told him that I thought he looked really cool, but I think he thought I was just being a cheeky American.

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