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Ducks on a Foggy Morning

Daily Photo & daily photos

I’m still committed to one new photo a day, every day of the year. It’s tough! Even though I thew a good 8,000 of them at you yesterday, that won’t slow me down… I’ve got a lot of cool projects and ideas that excite me, but the daily photo is still the main ship…

Making-of video

I got a lot of questions yesterday about how I made that video… so I will put together a making-of video soon. I’ll show you how I did everything so you can try the same thing on your next adventure. It’s kind of a fun idea, and I’m glad it worked out.

Updated Tutorials

We are making some upgrades to the French tutorial, and the Italian one is almost done. It is in the final stages of getting up on the site… this is yet another thing on my to-do list. You should see my to-do list… it’s never-ending, I tell you.

Daily Photo – Ducks on a Foggy Morning

There is a soft silence that covers still waters in the early morning. If you’ve ever been by a slow-moving river before the sun is over the horizon, maybe you know what I mean. It reminds me a bit of the name of the wind, in that it folds one silence into another.

When driving across the southern part of Iceland towards Wik, I went through an area of several miles where there was a sudden fog. I felt like it might not last long, so I went on a quick hike over near a slow-flowing river. Some ducks were having a morning swim off towards the misty horizon.

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