Red Fields on the Tundra – Stuck in Customs

Red Fields on the Tundra

24 Hours till the new video!

Usually, I just release the video on the day of… with no prior announcement. This time I’m trying something different… a bit of a lead-up to the event. I don’t know if it’s better or worse… just different. So maybe you have something to look forward to on Sunday, besides being the best sleep-in day ever unless your parents wake you up to go to church and you say moooohooommm nooooo

Daily Photo – Red Fields on the Tundra

Across the middle of Iceland, there are all sorts of terrain. I don’t know if this is specifically Tundra. All my expertise in Tundra comes from Civilization where I know you can only grow one wheat, and sometimes there is a fur resource because of the seals.

When the sun is very low on the horizon, my normal temptation is to point the camera in that direction. But in the opposite direction, when the light and terrain is right, it casts a faint reddish glow across the ground. It’s a very nice effect and I did my best to capture it.

High Dynamic Range Photography