The Last Sunset – Stuck in Customs

The Last Sunset

NBC News in the Studio

High Dynamic Range Photo

Be sure to check out the NEW #10 effect, "Around 3 A.M..." - we've changed it completely so that it will suffuse all colors into a soft sepia and turn several existing colors into a velvet red.

We had an NBC news video crew led by Jim Swift over in the studio yesterday to talk about our app hitting the Top 10. He interviewed Mark and I for the news — btw, Mark is my clever developer at Lavacado. The segment should be out soon… and I’ll be sure to put up a link to the video here!

Jim Swift did a previous news report on HDR photography — you might enjoy that video… it shows my son and I out taking some photos together.

Version 2.1 is Live!

The new update for 100 Cameras in 1 (iTunes link) is finally out.  And, even better, the big 3.0 update is well under way.  Here’s the new stuff!

2.1 Update ? Double resolution texture effects for hi-res file saving
2.1 Update ? Higher resolution icon for Retina Display
2.1 Update ? Higher resolution thumbnails for iPhone 4
2.1 Update ? Re-mastered all texture-effects for the hi-res output
2.1 Update ? Check out Effect #10 now “Around 3 AM”, especially for photos with red.
2.0 Update ? Add multiple effects to same photo with “Add Effect” button
2.0 Update ? Moving the slider will change the effect of the texture using overlay, hardlight, luminosity, the texture itself, or other methods depending on the nature of each unique effect

Big Video Release Sunday

I’ve put together a totally NEW kind of video for you. It’s kind of awesome. I think you’ll like it. So, be sure to come back Sunday morning for the unveiling. This begins the 3-day-countdown.

Daily Photo – The Last Sunset

It was one of those perfect sunsets where time went in slow motion. I was on high-alert, and kept everything flowing as I moved from location to location. It’s not easy to dance across rocks with the tripod fully extended, but it certainly is memorable!

I saw this dock early in the day, and I was secretly hoping that it might just point towards the sun as it passed the horizon. So I had this shot planned along with about 10 others. Some worked out and some didn’t. This is one of the ones that worked out.

High Dynamic Range Photo