Upcoming Events and Queenstown from Above – Stuck in Customs

Upcoming Events and Queenstown from Above

Upcoming Events for You

Adobe Talk

Cost: Free
Time: Feb 24th at 1 PM
Location: Park Auditorium at 345 Park Ave, San Jose

I’ll be talking about the future-present of photography, post-processing, and coming trends. See more on the Adobe Distinguished Lecture Series page.

SXSW PhotoWalk

Cost: Free
Time: March 13 at 6:30 PM
Location: The Driskill Hotel, Austin

All skill levels welcome! Get more details and join us on the Plancast event page.

EG Conference

Cost: $4000 (Register)
Time: April 7
Location: Monterey, CA

It looks to be an amazing time there in Monterey, and I put some more info below. I think I’ll plan a photowalk while there too (that will be free).

The EG Conference

EG ConferenceThere is more info on the EG Conference website, and I think there is a pretty good chance they will be recording a video that I can share here after the event.

I’m excited about this thing – it should be a blast! See that Freeman Dyson is going to be there?  I’ve got a whole list of questions for him… like, in that episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, you know, the one with the Dyson sphere (“Relics” – Star Trek wiki), well, like, how did Scotty survive all that time in the transporter loop, and like, wouldn’t he lose some weight?  And well, yes, I guess you wouldn’t know that, but, why would any species capable of building a Dyson sphere build it around an unstable star?  I mean, that seems kinda dumb, right Dyson?  Right?

But seriously, I will also have a free photowalk one evening there in the Monterey area.  I’m not sure where exactly… maybe even over in Carmel, but I will announce that soon.

Daily Photo – Queenstown From Above

Ack! I miss Queenstown. When can I get back there? I need to make this happen.

My friend Gordon from Camera Labs (be sure to visit his site) goes up here to test a lot of his cameras and lenses. There’s a mountain here that you can reach by gondola, and the view is, well, as you can see, quite perfect! In this case, I used my new 28-300 lens, which worked out pretty well.

I’ve gotten to know the little town there pretty well. It’s fun looking down and knowing where I can get the best burger, the best chocolate, and five places that all serve great coffee. Jeez… just writing about it makes me want to go back even more!

High Dynamic Range Photo