Business in London – Stuck in Customs

Business in London

Great Work at HDR Spotting

I started HDR Spotting last year to drive more attention to other HDR Artists out there. Whenever you click on a photo, it will take you to that artist’s website, portfolio, or wherever they wish. In the very beginning, to get it started, I put my own work on there, but I don’t any more since it has a vibrant life of its own now.

The site is still in beta as we add features, but there are still invites floating around out there. Be sure to go check out some stuff on the HDR Spotting main site or the Editor’s Picks. You guys should note that I am not the editor…hehe… We do cycle new editors in all the time and I hear it’s time for another crop to rotate in.

Daily Photo – Business in London

Walking along one side of the Thames after visiting some museums brought us to this business district. There was a misty rain for most of the day, so it set down a nice sheen of reflection. There’s a tiny water canal that runs through the center here, and the line leads right to the Tower Bridge (thx for edits in comments!), which you can see in the distance.

High Dynamic Range Photo