Student Interview Part 2 – Stuck in Customs

Student Interview Part 2

Miss Part 1?

Last time, I put up a little bit of part 1 from our YouTube channel. But, YouTube really limits the length, so there is really a longer part 1. To see the whole thing, go to Part 1 of 3 here on Vimeo.

Part 2 of the Student Interview

And, below is part 2 which gets started on question 11, where I discuss the following:

  • Tell me about your company there at Stuck In Customs…
  • Do your friends treat you differently now?
  • Do other photographers get mad when you give away secrets?
  • The eBook business compared to the traditional ebook business
  • How did you take that HDR of the fireworks that was in the Smithsonian?
  • Archiving and organizing photos

Daily Photo – Blue Metal and Light

Many regulars know that I like to get “lost” in cities and find little secrets here or there. But, that’s often in the older, charming part of cities. I rarely go into the commercial or mega-residential areas because sometimes they are more sterile or less interesting. Well, this part of Beijing is sort of a neo-industrial jungle of wild architecture and unexpected forms of light. There are dozens of brand-new buildings, each with interesting designs and countless angles. I ended up staying in this area deep into the night.

High Dynamic Range Photo