#1 in App Store and the Icelandic Phallus – Stuck in Customs

#1 in App Store and the Icelandic Phallus

First in App Store for Photography!

Thank you guys and gals very much for the support – it wouldn’t have happened without you!

This last weekend, 100 Cameras in 1 (iTunes link), got into the first place spot in the hotly contested photography category for the iPhone. We’re also in the top 10 in 40 different countries – insane (see stats). I never expected any of that… It’s all very exciting and the whole team here is ecstatic.

We’ve heard all sorts of good suggestions, and a great update is coming up soon. The update will be free as always. Besides several new features, we also have some new achievements that we’ve been mulling over. With some good prompting from guys like Charlie Sorrel and Mike Schramm, we’re going to push them through. I don’t think this app will ever be done, but we’ll continue to evolve it as better and better ideas are folded into the mix.

Below are a few of my recent creations with the app… I put them out on Twitter and FB on occasion, but thought I might share them in the main blog here.

Best Camera iPhone

Created by mixing together two different effects via the new "Add Effect" button on the My Creation screen.

Best Camera iPhone

To make this, I first used the black & white effect in the Zen Effects group before adding two other effects to give it both light leak and some color.

Daily Photo – The Icelandic Phallus

I’ve probably just accidentally offended the fine Icelandic people with that name. Sorry about that… but I don’t know what it is. Most old cultures have statues with some kind of phallus, so it was a good guess. It’s a doubly-good-guess since Iceland is the home to the famous “Icelandic Phallological Museum” (wikipedia link, but don’t click on it), which sounds like a pretty happening place.  I told you not to click on it.

I found this in the middle of another one of those 6-hour sunsets. I had spent the first part of the day in a far northern fjord, at the farmhouse of a good friend.  About 200 km later, I found this spot near a crook in the road, standing up like cairn stones against time.

High Dynamic Range Photo