Announcing the Roku Channel and Screensaver – Stuck in Customs

Announcing the Roku Channel and Screensaver

What’s a Roku?

Check the latest prices for a Roku on Amazon — they are cool. They’re little devices that hook up to your television and connect to your wireless internet. You can use them for our channel below, to watch Netflix, to watch rented movies off Amazon, see the TWIT channel, see Geekbeat.TV on Revision 3, and tons of other things.

You might be interested to know that we got rid of cable last year… we just use Roku now.

Announcing our new Roku Screensaver and Channel!

Roku contacted me a long time ago to talk about a partnership. After just a short talk, we quickly decided that people needed a good screensaver for their home televisions! We’ve been working hard with the team at Roku to make a custom Stuck In Customs channel. It’s both a channel where you can see all the best portfolio images by category, or you can set it as a screensaver to randomly show the images. I wanted to get this to people as cheaply as possible, so the subscription cost of 99 cents a month — pretty good!

Here are some photos below. For more information, see the “Roku Channel” page here on the site!

ROKU stuck in customs

After you are in the channel, you can flip through thumbnails before zooming in or starting the screensaver.

ROKU stuck in customs

Once it goes full screen, everything is in highdef and looks beautiful. From this page, you can either see the full size image or start a slideshow.

ROKU stuck in customs

The photos are categorized a few different ways. If you want to see the whole shootin-match, just pick the World Photography category.

ROKU stuck in customs

And here it is in screensaver mode... hi-def and looking sharp!

The Skeletons at Sunrise

You might have seen this photo before… and I hate to take a photo of it on the television, because it looks so bad on there! It’s hard to take a photo of a photo on a television… and, well, it just didn’t do it justice, so here it is, fit and proper!

High Dynamic Range Photography