The Inner Museum – Stuck in Customs

The Inner Museum

Photography Gadgets, Updated

I updated the Photography Gadgets page, and that thing is still a work in progress. I know perfect is the enemy of good… so my usual method is to put up pages while they are still incomplete, and then I iterate on them over time. That page is on its third iteration, but not quite where I want it yet!

Part of that page is a “Photography-related Gadgets”, which involve things that are in the orbit of my camera. One cool new thing I added was the Moshi products… There are two on there, and I pictured one to the right. I’ve tried three different iPad cases, and this one is the best.

Moshi iPad Case

Daily Photo – The Inner Museum

This is the Capital Museum in Beijing, and it houses some famous and exquisite pieces. Many of the works were still incomprehensible to me, but it’s nice how there seems to be an international feeling of beauty around different objects.

The lighting was very unique in here, and the layout made for a challenging shoot. Of course I did use a tripod here…I’m not sure it is possible to capture it otherwise.

High Dynamic Range Photo