More Burning Man and Chris Pirillo – Stuck in Customs

More Burning Man and Chris Pirillo

HDR Video Tutorial Giveaway by Chris Pirillo

Hurry and visit Pirillo’s blog to enter! It’s very simple, just “Like” his FB page and leave a comment, and you are entered!

The HDR Video Tutorial has been very popular, and we’ve done a few of these giveaways… I’m glad to drive traffic around to nice guys like Chris!

I met Chris in Dallas when we jumped out of a plane together with the US Army. I also met his dad and we talked for a little while… he was a heck of a nice guy too. I guess, with a dad like that, Chris can’t help but to be so likable. Anyway, if you don’t know who the chap is, then this is a good chance to check out his site.

More from Burning Man

This is my fourth or fifth post that has a collection of these photos – to see the others, click the Burning Man category.

Getting in the Groove

I usually don’t put captions on photos, but I did for my last mini-set of Burning Man photos, so I will here too.

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On one of the final afternoons, a bitter sandstorm blew across the playa. It was also the night of the big burn, so people began to amass near the man himself. I saw this fellow photographer setting up on the periphery, bracing himself against the storm.


There they flow, the man and his familiar.  If every human has an animal companion that lurks and smells and protects and admires as we walk through the world then, on occasion, it meets another.  Not everyone believes in this universe of multiple animal daemons, but some do, and that's more than enough. The animal familiars meet one another, when the human souls open and share, and they walk around one another, like galaxies colliding.  They search and crane their necks around the get a sense of the otherness. The animal feeds the human a sense of the shadowself and they fold into one another, as a mountain folds into itself as the dark melts into the crease.

Burning Man is also a week-long costume party. In fact, if you are NOT in a costume, then you are the odd one out. We had a little PhotoWalk while I was there, and these characters came galloping through the middle of it.


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What is more Mad Max than Thunderdome? Not much! This was a great landmark that helped me find my way home around 3 AM… My camp was pretty close by.


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The playa is filled with one performance after another. Groups and troupes work on special performances, costumes, and other routines that they perform at their camps and out in the middle of the desert. This girl was in the middle of a rehearsal when I found her.