Exploring Medieval Ibiza – Stuck in Customs

Exploring Medieval Ibiza

New Colormunki Review

I put up a new Colormunki Review here on the site. In short, it’s one of those devices that allows you to calibrate the color on your monitors/laptops/printer to ensure everything is consistent and pure.

Daily Photo – Exploring Medieval Ibiza

I did not know this prior to flying to the little island of Ibiza off the coast of Spain — but I was happy to discover that the old part of the city is an walled medieval town. Awesome! Whenever I see one of those, all I want to do is run around them, like I’m in a the latest Assassin’s Creed, except with a camera instead of a stiletto incognito.

The old part of the city has been turned into galleries, restaurants, and small boutique hotels. The textures and lights are warm and supple. I loved walking around and discovering little parts here and there — it was all especially nice because it was completely unexpected.

High Dynamic Range Photo