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The Sharks are Circling Google

Multiple Layers in 100 Cameras

Now that the new version has multiple effects and an adjustment slider, I’m seeing all kinds of creative stuff! We’ve got thousands of people out there snapping up photos with 100 Cameras in 1, and it’s a blast to see some of the creations.

I saw this image on the right on Twitter.  It was created by Kamau Akabueze (click for his blog), and it came out pretty cool.  Although I’m not exactly sure how he made it, but I think he started with a black and white effect, and then started layering some of the hardlight or overlay effects before finally adding one of the heavy texture-effects.

Quick Mention on TapTapTap

Lisa Bettany’s finger looks better than mine, yes? Yes. There is little doubt about this.

She put together a video that shows off some of the cool stuff for Camera+ (You have that one too, yes? Go get it… these things are only a few dollars!)

See her video on about how to avoid blurry iPhone Photos.

Daily Photo – The Sharks are Circling Google

The very nice Cliff Redeker over at Google took me all around the campus after my Authors@Google talk. It’s a very cool campus, and I set up a for a bunch of fun shots.

I don’t know if this is supposed to be a shark fin or not, but it reminded me of all these silly recent news stories about everyone coming after Google. From the German government to other bureaucratic busybodies, things seem to be heating up. But don’t worry Google… I got your back… and so do all my friends here on StuckInCustoms! 🙂

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