Remote Farmhouse with Waterfall – Stuck in Customs

Remote Farmhouse with Waterfall

Woopra Review

I still use Woopra quite a bit to make sure the site is nice, spiffy, and fun to everyone. It’s hard for me to tell what works and what doesn’t work unless I measure. I put this new video below on the Woopra Review page. It’s free for all the basic services (which is all most people need).

Daily Photo – Remote Farmhouse with Waterfall

On one of my first nights in Iceland, I was driving along the southern coast. Pristine farms are plopped along the side of the road every few miles. As I began to approach one of the volcanic areas, the terrain changed enough so there were huge waterfalls in many of the vistas. This one was nestled deep behind the farmhouse, and it seemed like a nice little spot for a photo.

High Dynamic Range Photo