Gardens in the Mist – Stuck in Customs

Gardens in the Mist

What’s up Australia?

How did 100 Cameras in 1 get to be the #1 App for photography in Australia? This baffles me… I know we have I have a lot of internet-friends there (pretty much just as good as real friends!), but I still didn’t expect this. Thanks!

Daily Photo – Gardens in the Mist

The Li River valley is a beautiful and serene area of southern China that’s green, alive, and mysterious. The verdant limestone cliffs cover the landscape and give everything an ethereal feel.

After a trip down the river, I got off the boat and decided to hike back to the little village where I was staying. Along the way, I decided to hike down a side-road that went off into these little family-run farms. I set up for a shot on this quiet dirt road.

High Dynamic Range Photo