Sunset in the Hills – Stuck in Customs

Sunset in the Hills

Painting the Monkeys

Erika Meijer, from Doetinchem, Netherlands, has taken my photograph of the monkey in the water from Japan and turned it into a painting! I get emails about this sort of thing quite a bit… rarely feature them on the website, but I should more! I think it’s great when people do this sort of thing. My work is Creative Commons Share-Alike (no commercial use), which means other artists are free to use them to do derivative works like this. Very cool!

See the Original Monkey Photo here.

Daily Photo – Sunset in the Hills

There is a long and somewhat barren road between Los Angeles and San Diego. It seems extra-barren because I was really thirsty before I entered the long-bit that had absolutely no place to stop for a drink! You know how sometimes you are driving along, kind of thirsty… not really being TOO picky, but kind of passing by places that look not-too-exciting? Well I did that one too many times then ended up having to drive for a lot longer before I found relief.

What compounded the problem (and made it better too) was that it was sunset time! That means I had to stop many times to drink the landscapes into the camera.

High Dynamic Range Photo