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New New Zealand

HDR Photo

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New New Zealand

It’s no huge surprise that I’m enamored with the landscapes in New Zealand. So, today, I’m posting a new photo from the South Island.

There is a gondola ride that goes to the top of one of the mountains in Queenstown. It’s not one of the ski areas — just an area for hanging out, seeing the sites, the luge, dinner, and this sort of thing. But it’s always stunning. I went up there a few times.

They have one of those giant buffet dinners up there where I took the family. It’s one of those high-end ones where you try a little bit of everything and then realize that you are way too full and bloated… I tried to shake off the guilt by running outside at dusk to take this photo!

High Dynamic Range Photo

And here are bunch of other favorites from New Zealand, sticking with the “retrospective” theme of this week.

The Franz Josef Glacier

Tasman Sea at Dusk

HDR Photo

The Silent Tree

The Lonely Church


Fields of New Zealand



From My Forest Home

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

THe Old House

The Tolkien Bridge