Gateway to the Temple of Heaven – Stuck in Customs

Gateway to the Temple of Heaven

Number 5 in the App Store

On launch day! It is amazing! Thanks for getting 100 Cameras in 1 into the Top 5 in the Photography category!

Thanks VERY MUCH everyone… you guys and gals are awesome!  See that #3 app up there?  That’s Camera+ from my friend Lisa Bettany — I’ve recommended that one before and I still do. Give it a try for the holiday season too.

Update Submitted to App Store!

We’ve already submitted an update to the app store… so we are just waiting on approval from Apple! We’ve been seeing photos and comments from all over the world. People in dozens of countries around the world are creating fun and fresh photos… it’s all more exciting than I even expected.

Anyway, for the update, here is a list of new features / fun stuff / changes:

– Option to disable sound & music
– Adding option to dramatically increase resolution in cropping phase for each iPhone model (e.g. for iPhone 4, which is 2592×1936 pixels — the square is cropped to 1936×1936)
– Added ability to turn on/off cropping after you take the photo or select from Library
– Increased hit-size on the Save/Share buttons
– Upload to Flickr at maximum resolution for your given iPhone (in square format)
– No more character limits for Facebook/Flickr
– Max possible resolution photo now uploaded to Facebook
– Fixed a low-level system problem with crashing
– Fixed a rogue sound library problem that was causing crashes
– Optimized TwitPic upload size
– Memory and speed optimizations

Daily Photo – Gateway to the Temple of Heaven

I had an amazing opportunity in Beijing to get private access into the Temple of Heaven one morning. Well-costumed officials from the government met me before sunrise just outside the gates, where hundreds of early risers were already outside doing exercises and preparing for a national holiday. The nice men pulled out ornate keys and opened up the private doors to let me in. I had about 90 minutes to take photos of everything as the sun rose. It was a great day of shooting!

This is one of those places that has many perfect lines, shapes, and other interesting angles for composing photos. It’s almost impossible to take a bad shot! There were nice clouds and nice light on this cool morning, so I considered myself very lucky in many regards!

High Dynamic Range Photo