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New iPhone Camera App!

100 Cameras in 1, Now Available!

You can download the app (iTunes store link) now!

Wow has it been hard to keep this a secret! There is so much to say! To get the full story, see sample photos, and more, you can visit the 100 Cameras in 1 page here on the site.

Also, we’ve already submitted a feature-laden update to the app store.  Scroll to the bottom to see more upcoming goodies!  If you’re a HARDCORE photographer, this isn’t for you.  It’s been designed for people that want a lot of power and flexibility without being overwhelmed with dozens of controls.

100 Cameras in 1

100 Cameras in 1

100 Cameras in 1

100 - Landscape

100 Cameras in 1

100 Cameras in 1

100 Cameras in 1

Sample Results with 100 Cameras in 1

This is a small sampling. To see even more, visit the 100 Cameras in 1 page.

iPhone Camera App
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
iPhone Camera App

How are the effects achieved?

We used 100 unique textures and combined these with different versions of the photo mixing with itself in overlay, hardlight, luminosity, and other blends while combining with various amounts of the texture, depending on the effect.

Want to try something even more bold?

Try saving one of the black and white versions that is using a luminosity + overlay filter. Something like “It was never quite like that to me”, for example. Save it, then re-process that image using another effect that also uses an overlay or hardlight on itself. As you try out more effects, you’ll see what I mean.

Next Version – Live now!

We’ve already added a bunch of new stuff to the app:

? Option to disable sound & music
? Added option to dramatically increase resolution in cropping phase for each iPhone model (e.g. for iPhone 4, which is 2592×1936 pixels — the square is cropped to 1936×1936)
? Added ability to turn on/off cropping after you take the photo or select from Library
? Three new Achievements
? Increased hit-size on the Save/Share buttons
? Upload to Flickr at maximum resolution for your given iPhone (in square format)
? Max possible resolution photo now uploaded to Facebook
? No more character limits for Facebook/Flickr
? If you cancel Gamecenter login three times in a row, it will never ask you again
? Sounds are now respectful of the ringer switch
? Fixed a low-level system problem with crashing
? Fixed a rogue sound library problem that was causing crashes
? Optimized TwitPic upload size
? Memory and speed optimizations
? (and even more secret stuff in development for the NEXT version, which will also be a free update)