Winter Wonderland – Stuck in Customs

Winter Wonderland

Tumblr — why?

Can I ask a dumb question to my smart audience? Many people out there keeps asking why I’m not on Tumblr. I’ve actually been too busy to figure out some good reasons for me to get on Tumblr too. Why should I? Are you? What’s your Tumblr address? What would I do there?

Daily Photo – Winter Wonderland

I was peeking back through my previous photos today for an unexpected reason and decided to put together some of my favorite winter photos today! I came across it because people sprinkle comments all over the 1000+ posts here on the blog every day. It’s very hard for me to keep up… I usually only get to respond to the most recent comments on newer posts, but I do go back on occasion. Anyway, it occurred to me, on one of these back-dives, that a lot of these older photos have probably not been seen by all the new people that have joined the blog in the past few years!

The first is from Kiev, the second is from Boston, and the third is from Iceland.

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo