Interview in Queenstown Part 2 – Stuck in Customs

Interview in Queenstown Part 2

Part 1 of the Interview

I posted it about a week ago or so. You can see Part 1 Here.


This is the second part of the interview I did for Digital Photo Buzz. Enjoy!

Topics discussed:

  • Favorite Tools
  • My photography schedule
  • What kind of superhero powers I want
  • Favorite places to shoot
  • And other misc topics!

Daily Photo – Flowers in the Field

New Zealand is endlessly pastoral… scenic farm after scenic farm… so relaxing! Every so often, you come to one of these fields that full of thousands of colorful flowers. They seem to go so well with that soft, cornflower blue sky at those latitudes.

The only problem is talking yourself into stopping at one farm versus another! Because, you know… as a guy, I rank everything. I can’t help it. So, I’m always comparing one little farm to the next little farm. And there is so little difference between Awesome Scene #1 vs. Awesome Scene #2, that I just get confused about which one to stop at… and then I keep diving hoping that a #3 will pop up making #1 and #2 seem like silly choices! But, of course, I always quickly realize that #1 and #2 were already perfectly amazing, so what the heck was I waiting for anyway?

High Dynamic Range Photo