Exploring Burning Man – Stuck in Customs

Exploring Burning Man

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Too Many Burning Man Photos!

You all know that I normally only post one new photo a day. But I have so many Burning Man photos, that I’m likely to cluster them on occasion… otherwise I’ll never get through them all before the next one!

As usual, to see other photos of a category, just go click on the “Burning Man” at the bottom of the post.

Daily Photo(s) – Exploring Burning Man

Are you looking for something totally unique in this increasingly homogenized world? Try Burning Man!

Look… it’s not for everyone. If you’re kinda right-brained and like to have unexpected stimulation hitting your eyes non-stop for a week, then this just might be the place for you. It’s a nice shock to your artistic self.

I spent the first few days without my camera… just sort of walking around and drinking it all in. I was fairly zombie-like in my wandering. At the same time, I was considering various ways to capture the overall feeling of the place in a series of photos. I don’t usually do this, but I did add a few captions to the photos below in case you want to know more…

The metal kimodo neck bends skyward.  There is only one sound.  It is the sound of a hundred trunk-thick ropes holding back a moored ship.  They rub and tear against one another, the braids and coils tearing free and pulled back into the spiral.  The ropes scream like iron pulled apart by a furnace, and they burn like a soul reaching back for the earth.  Fire from the kimodo rests within and the broiling sea churns and twists beneath the hull.  The head bends back towards the earth, a new tension building in its dire armor.  It tears through the sky for something new to devour.  A heat shimmers from its scalloped visage, a heat that melts the heart of all that pass before.

People spend all year building elaborate land-vehicles that cruise around the playa day and night. This one is particularly awesome, with a fully articulated head that can breathe fire at night (pics of that coming soon!).


Coming Soon...

Groups set up special camps with different themes. Here I am inside the “Black Lodge” from Twin Peaks (I’m a fan). It was modeled after the Red Room. I sat in it for many hours, listening to music and looking out this opening. This is one of the many photos I captured.


Coming Soon...

Most people roamed the desert wearing goggles to protect ourselves from the sand and sun. For me, everything had an orange tint, so I’ve used the same technique in many of my photos of the event.


Note that all the Burning Man photos do not fall under the Creative Commons license as my other