Arles and Van Gogh – Stuck in Customs

Arles and Van Gogh

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Daily Photo – Arles and Van Gogh

We rented a tiny car in Montpellier and decided to spend a while randomly driving around the south of France. Regular visitors know that I’m enamored with the impressionists of the late 19th century. Even though I have yet to embark on the full tour of the homes of my favorites, I did make a point to stop in the hometown of Vincent Van Gogh for a quick look.

This is Arles, which is only a short drive from Montpellier and less than an hour from the Côte d’Azur. The streets are quaint and quiet. There are a few tourist areas, but after a few steps in a random direction, you’re back in the old streets. I needed to stay for longer for more exploration (!), but I did my best to make use of the short time I was there.

High Dynamic Range Photo