Icelandic Docks in the Afternoon – Stuck in Customs

Icelandic Docks in the Afternoon

Daily Photo – Icelandic Docks in the Afternoon

I arrived in Isafjorder in the middle of one afternoon, and my schedule was all askew. I had driven all night, taking photos along the way.  I usually tried to arrive at the hotel by 11 AM or so, because that was my bedtime.  If I didn’t hit the sack each day at 11 AM and wake up at 6 PM, then it threw everything off for the next cycle!

The skies were so interesting when I arrived, I decided to spend a few extra hours visiting the docks to explore.  This is a famous fishing town in the far northwest part of Iceland, so the docks had a nice sense about them.  I was so dog-tired that I was just kinda going through the motions.  But it did keep me in that sleepy dream-state that helped everything flow easily.

After this, I went to check into another Hotel Edda.  Many of these locations are converted high-schools that are hotels in the summer months. It’s so strange sleeping in a school in the middle of the day.  I happened to arrive at each one on opening day, so I was often the only guest there.  It’s even more eerie, being in a huge school all by myself, sleeping away.

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