A Beautiful Morning in Beijing – Stuck in Customs

A Beautiful Morning in Beijing

Happy Thanksgiving! (What kind of pie do you want?)

Happy Turkey Day to all my old and new friends that come here to visit. I really appreciate it! Today, I’m trying my first deep-fried-turkey. I’ll think of you all while eating and report back! Also, we have about four pies here… it should be enough. Let me know what kind of piece you want!

Daily Photo – A Beautiful Morning in Beijing

Another early morning outing found me at this place, just outside the Forbidden City. The morning was crisp and clear. It was one of those mornings where you feel like moving around to both stay awake and to stay warm.

I walked to the top of the temple with all my stuff. it was a lot of steps… too many steps for that early in the morning! But, I was surrounded by a lot of early-morning Chinese people working out. What was interesting is that most of them seemed to be over 50 years old. And there were A LOT of them! They were working it hard, and kind of making me look bad.

Also interesting — every few minutes, you could hear them yelling at the top of their lungs — various mantras and other words of power to that are part of their routine. It was unnerving to set up for a shot, enter my tiny moment of zen release, and then have some guy in all-white sweats yell something in Chinese a few feet from me!

High Dynamic Range Photo