The British Museum – Stuck in Customs

The British Museum

Hi London Friends!

During our workshop in London, we took a lunchtime walk over to this museum. We had a great time, evading security every which way. I have good memories of my times there with that nice group of people… I very much enjoyed it!

I edited this shot during the class. It came out so nicely, I decided to post it here!

Daily Photo – The British Museum

So, this museum has the Rosetta Stone — what else do you need to know? And if it’s got that, you know it has some other amazing things as well. I spent two days there — one shooting and one exploring! Okay, well, both shooting.

When the whole class went inside, there were a ton of us with tripods. We gathered around outside before we went in with our gameplan. Our strategy was simple: “Spread out and shoot. They can’t catch us all.” So we did exactly that and flew to the four winds. The guards were on their earphones nonstop trying to figure out what was happening with this flash mob. They would catch one, then run to the next, then the next. They got confused on who that had told to stop and who they hadn’t, so it was easy to be a repeat offender. In the end, no one was thrown out… it’s sort of a testament to not worrying about it all… just go for it!

HDR Photo