The Gentle Oxbow – Stuck in Customs

The Gentle Oxbow

Big Thanks to Our Support Team!

I wanted to send a public thanks to our support team (the guys than man support at  They’ve been doing a great job and we’re all thankful for them!  Since the DVD came out, they’ve been super-busy.  Do you know how confusing it is to coordinate Fed-Ex and PayPal and our DVD company and dozens of address in places that these companies don’t even have in their databases?  Hehe… well… there are always issues, and they’ve been doing a great job.  I just wanted to thank them publicly for their hard work.

Daily Photo – The Gentle Oxbow

Do perfect little places like this really exist?


But they are a little hard to find… They’re not in guidebooks or written about on [most] travel photography websites. In fact, they’re all over the place. This was taken in an area of southern Iceland, on the road not too far from Hvolsvollur and Vik. If you just turn off the main road and meander down a few dirt paths, places like this are everywhere.

One of the most unusual places about this, which is missing from the photograph, are the bird sounds. They were extremely unusual, high-pitched, and made small siren-sounds when diving to and fro. The strange-nature sounds made me feel even more like I was on some strange Star Trek away mission.

HDR Photo