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New Prints!

New Landscape Prints Available!

Since I’ve been busy lately, out in “content-collection-mode” in this 80-day around the world trip, I haven’t been giving regular updates on this topic. But, recently, we’ve had two great landscapes become available.

These are all Limited Edition — each one is numbered and unique. Our printing partner at Really Big Canvas does the paper and canvas versions. If you are looking for something very high-end, we have special prints on high white gloss aluminum in a different series. More about those on the Prints page.

The first print here is called “The Edge of Chile”, and it was taken at the very southern tip of Argentina. This peak, called Fitz Roy, is famous in the mountain-climbing community as one of the most dangerous and remote peaks in the world. After many days of hiking to get here, I believe it! Also, this place is covered in clouds 90% of the time, so this required a bit of patience.

The second is from Glacier National Park and is one of my biggest panoramas ever. It is comprised of 90 different photos. Really Big Canvas can make gigantic prints that are of walk-up detail quality.

HDR Photo

HDR Photo