Google Street View Cars – Stuck in Customs

Google Street View Cars

Daily Photo – Google Street View Cars

After I was invited to speak at Google on HDR for their Authors@Google program, I visited another one of their buildings where I gave a little workshop. It was great fun! On the way over, I passed the fleet of Google Streetview cars. I set up for a shot in the awesome Mountain View afternoon skies.

I know there’s a lot of controversy over these cars. I think it’s all silly. Everyone is everywhere taking photos nowadays… whether with DSLRs, consumer cameras, or cell phones. The idea that Google can’t do what everyone else is doing in an organized way just doesn’t make any sense. I use Google street view all the time to help find my way around… it’s a huge time-saver! And, it’s super-cool on my Android phone, I must say…

HDR Photo