Under the Umbrella at Sunset – Stuck in Customs

Under the Umbrella at Sunset

En Route to Queenstown

We are heading to Queenstown soon, and really looking forward to it. We are informally poking around for places to live… and renting a house in the meantime. We found this cool spot — QueenstownChicChalet.com on the site that suggested here on the blog called BookABach.com. I’ve never heard this word “Bach” before in reference to a rental house/apartment… am I alone in this?

Daily Photo – Under the Umbrella at Sunset

We took this during our fun PhotoWalk in San Clemente. It’s a wonderful beach there – not too crowded, a perfect beach, and an idyllic pier.  Just throw in a few clouds, and we end up with a perfect sunset!

Every 100 feet or so, these thatched-roof umbrellas are spread out.  Composing with these and a wide-angle lens is kind of challenging, but fun.  I noticed that after I got a wide-angle lens that it opened up a whole new range of compositional complexities. Walking around a scene has to be done with a whole new perspective, since you are able to capture more than a human can see in a single viewing-cone.  But, the challenge is kind of fun to compensate for the lens and try to put together something that feels right.

HDR Photo