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New EBook Released!

Don’t Miss Out!

We have a new eBook out. This is the first time we have brought in a veteran writer… so show him the love! As you can see below, Joe Farace has published over 33 print books on photography, and this is his first eBook, so it is a very exciting moment. Don’t miss out!

Add to Cart $9.97 – 15 Tips for Better Car Photos

  • from Veteran author Joe Farace
    • Written & published 33 books; his newest, “Joe Farace’s Glamour Photography,” is in bookstores now.
    • Contributing writer/Photographer to Shutterbug magazine since 1999; Editor Emeritus eDigital Photo magazine.
    • Has published more than 1950 magazine stories in the USA, Europe, and China.
    • Awarded Photographic Craftsman’s degree by Professional Photographers of America, Professional member of American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Ass’n.
  • 31 pages of detailed, dense information
  • Practical advice for beginners, intermediate, and advanced shooters
  • Details on photo exposure data, conditions, and other EXIF data
  • Joe has taught thousands of people, so he knows how to communicate important concepts

more sample pages for you…

15 Tips for Better Car Photo 15 Tips for Better Car Photo

eBook in PDF Form

After purchase, the eBook can be downloaded via a special link that is sent to your email. After downloading you can:

  • Read the PDF on your computer (all computers can read PDF files)
  • Read the PDF on your iPad in iBooks
    • Drag the PDF into iTunes then Sync and look for it in iBooks
    • or… email the PDF to your iPad and open in iBooks
  • Print out the PDF to read on paper