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The Sea and the Sun

What Terrain-Person are you?

I think there are ocean people, mountain people, plains people, desert people, and forest people. By that, I mean, for whatever reason, you just feel most comfortable in one of these environments. You picture living there, building your house there, waking up there, and going to sleep there.

I’m pretty sure I’m one of the mountain people (not be be confused with the “hill” people or the “village” people). I have a lot of friends that are definitely “ocean people” that just love the beach and the sea. What terrain-people group are you in?

Daily Photo – The Sea and the Sun

Even though I’m not an ocean person, I do spend a lot of time photographing them. Maybe as long as there are mountains close by, I feel a little more comfy.

The NW area of Iceland is edged with countless fjords. They just go on and on and on. It’s also confusing when you are not used to the area. The road goes around the outside of course, and as you edge out onto one peninsula, it circles back into another big loop around the bay. Each loop takes another 30-45 minutes or so! I remember I was trying to get to a certain town, and I knew it was somewhere there along the road. Fjord after fjord passed, and as I rounded yet another peninsula, I was both exasperated and excited that I had to make a big loop around yet another fjord!

HDR Photo