Nikon 18-200 Update – Stuck in Customs

Nikon 18-200 Update

New HDR Spotting Editors

I am going to be asking for some more HDR Spotting editors. The flow of photos is picking up and I think the current team is getting overloaded! Anyone can apply — please head on over to the site and put in your application!

New Nikon 18-200 Review

The photo below has been added to the Nikon 18-200 Review. It helps to show the full range of the zoom. My reviews are usually short and sweet, showing the practical use of the camera or lens.

If you want to see more Reviews, just follow that link!

Daily Photo – The Icy Part of the Waterfall

This waterfall was enormous! I’ve never been to Angel Falls in South America, although that is on my list. I know that these places are extremely difficult to photograph. Luckily, for this one, I had a good vantage point at the bottom that let me zoom in.

I took this photo in the very early spring, during cherry blossom season in Japan. There is still snow and ice in the highlands, and you can see a small pack of it here behind the waterfall. I also have a “zoomed out” version of this on the review page mentioned above.

HDR Photo