The Allure of Night-Shooting – Stuck in Customs

The Allure of Night-Shooting

Favorite Time of Day to Take Photos?

Mine, in order are:  Sunset, sunrise, dusk, night, day…  What are yours?  Exactly the same or a little different?

Daily Photo – The Allure of Night-Shooting

Of course, taking photos at night in cool cities is awesome.  But the bad thing (if there is such a thing) is that there is never really a good time to stop.  It could go on all night!  It’s not like sunset or dusk that has a fairly limited shooting time…

So, usually I am really awful in these situations and just keep shooting until my body physically gives out.  It’s always so easy just to jump in a taxi and head back to the hotel… so it’s hard to come up with a big reason to stop.  Everything is so stimulating!

This one was taken very close to my time-lapse sequence that was part of that Japanese video I released.  If I found a good place for a photo, then it was also a good spot for a time-lapse.  Those are cool and everything, but they do tie up the camera for a long time and inhibit the HDRs!

HDR Photo