A Soft Evening on the Lake – Stuck in Customs

A Soft Evening on the Lake

Sunset Pressure?

Don’t you hate/love that pressure-zone of the sunset?  Well which one?  I of course love it… but the pressure to move around and get as many good shots as possible is pretty hardcore.  I plan it all out like I’m playing an RTS game.  I’m constantly calculating compositions, timings, and the logistics of getting from one point to another.  Every situation is different… if I am on foot, with vehicle, or on bike.  It’s a period of sweet sweet high-anxiety!

Daily Photo – A Soft Evening on the Lake

Here is a situation when I had no sunset-pressure at all.  It was a perfect evening and the sunset lasted for about five hours, as the slow-moving sun sank into the solstice sky.

I was driving through some dirt roads that connect Iceland to an area of fjords in the Northwest.  While weaving in and out of these little roads, I saw the edge of a lake, and did a short hike to find this boat, all alone at sunset.

HDR Photo