Ginza, alive at night – Stuck in Customs

Ginza, alive at night

Topaz Adjust

The photo below uses Topaz Adjust for a bit of sharpening. I find that my photos can still come out blurry, even though I use a tripod. For more info, be sure to see my Topaz Adjust Review here on the site!

Your thoughts on rain?

How do you feel about shooting in the rain? Too much of a hassle, or worth it? I’m interested in your perspective… you can read more about mine below!

Daily Photo – Ginza, alive at night

Rain is good. Rain is bad. I can’t decide!

You have no idea… (or maybe you do !!) how hard it is to carry around two cameras, a tripod, AND an umbrella. I already have every one of my 10 digits fully employed with handling everything. But… an umbrella! Well that really requires five fingers! I can usually get by with 5 on my tripod/camera too. I walk around with everything hooked together. However, a problem ensues when you have to expand and retract the legs of the tripod. That is really a two-hand operation. So what do you do with the umbrella during this time? The neck/shoulder pinch is right-out… the umbrella gets caught in the wind and it is a recipe for disaster.

And, you have to keep the umbrella over the lens at all times. If you put on the lens cap, it can cause fogging (in most wet-weather conditions). And you can’t let the lens get drops on it, of course. So, I have to keep myself and the lens dry the entire time.

But, once you get everything set up… then… well, nothing beats the effect of wet streets in the night… just wonderful.

HDR Photo