The Black Rock – Stuck in Customs

The Black Rock

Live Video with Leo tomorrow (Sunday)! 1:30 PM PST

Hey everyone! On Sunday at 1:30 PM PST, I’ll be on The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte. You can tune in live to see me at There is also a very easy to use Chat room there (see where it says “Popout Chat”?). We’ll be talking a lot about HDR, Photography, and other awesome geeky things.

A World in HDR, now in Chinese!

The book is now out in a new Chinese version! We had some very good talks with Chinese publishers about this through Peachpit, and I think the final product looks pretty good! Now, I’m not totally sure (since I can’t read Chinese), but it looks like you can order it through this site.

HDR Photo HDR Photo

The Black Rock

I spent a several hours on a huge black sand beach. This was in the volcanic area of southern Iceland, not too far from the recent volcano eruption. Parts of the nearby town of Wik were still covered in ash while I was there, so it had sort of a light feeling of an Icelandic Pompeii.

There were no roads in this area, but I wanted to explore, so I drove my 4×4 boldly out into the black sand expanse. It’s strange just driving in a blue, soft morning light across an endless horizon of black sand. It’s almost like being in the middle of a huge black asphalt parking lot, with no lines, no curbs, and no end. Every few miles, enormous black rock structures would shoot up out of the flatness. I stopped at every one, almost like it was calling me.

HDR Photo