Alone at the Raging Waterfall of Gullfoss – Stuck in Customs

Alone at the Raging Waterfall of Gullfoss

Did you get your free upgrade?

About a month ago or so, we put out a free upgrade to the “Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing” book. There were so many sold — I think immediately we sold over 1,000 of these things. Our system sent out an email to everyone who purchased and gave them a free upgrade code. If you did NOT receive that email (perhaps it was blocked), please contact Support @ and the team can get you one. Just let them know your name so they can properly find you in the existing customer database.

I got a lot of great feedback on the Top 10 book — people wanted more examples, more sample photos, and a more detailed how-to. So it has been extended to 55 pages and should get every nook-and-cranny of your questions answered!

New eBook VERY Soon

This new eBook is really awesome. I’m super-proud of it.

It’s all about Composition and beyond. It’s called “How to Compose Photos: Creating Order from the Chaos“. It is a deep description of everything that I think about when composing a photo on the scene and later in post-processing about how/where/when/why I choose to crop.

This one is the longest eBook yet. It’s jam-packed with a ton of editorial text, descriptions, tips, and a deep discussion of many things that should be new to people. I know you all have high expectations, especially after the upgraded eBook above, and I think this will really be a nice addition to your growing collection of downloadable knowledge! 🙂 (We’re almost to that scene in the Matrix, yes?)

Daily Photo – Alone at the Raging Waterfall of Gullfoss

After two weeks of being alone I was getting a bit, shall we say, lonely.

I was getting in the habit of waking up around 4 or 5 PM, having a leisurely dinner, and then jumping in the car to explore new parts of Iceland throughout the white nights. On this particular day, I decided to head deep into the center of the island. My goal was to go to the parts where all the major roads do not.

Along that path, I arrived here at Gullfoss about 11 PM. I’ve been here many times before, but there was always a few people around admiring the falls. This time, I was alone. It’s so strange walking around a place like this while the sun is setting and no one is around. The feeling is like those apocalypse movies where all humans have just disappeared… just me… my gun… a trusty dog… maybe a few Icelandic elf-zombies lurking about… the more and more time I spend alone, the more reasonable this begins to sound…

HDR Photo