The Hover Car in the Diamond Age – Stuck in Customs

The Hover Car in the Diamond Age

HDR DVD Spotted in the Wild

Yes, the rumors are true. Several dozen copies of the HDR DVD are out in the wild. I confirm that these are out there… we have given out a few as ‘testers” to make sure they work with many different DVD players and computers. Since this is our first mass-production product, I want to ensure that everything is of the best quality. We’ll be letting newsletter subscribers (Free to sign up) get the first stab at ordering, since I’m a little worried about meeting demand.

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Daily Photo – The Hover Car in the Diamond Age

Around the time of the book signing in New York earlier this year, I headed out into the streets for some shooting.  The Diamond District is not too far from Rockefeller Center, and it is a perfect “New Yorky” area at night… especially in the rain.  Between stoplights, I would pop out into the street and grab some frames as quickly as possible.  With five exposures, the last was pretty long at 30 seconds, so it was still a little “exciting” to grab the tripod at the last second and then scurry off the street.

That one car the made it through my tripod-roadblock is interesting, isn’t it?  It appears to be a hover-car of sorts.  I can no longer recall what sort of car it was, but I keep staring at that wonderful apparition.  It’s quite mesmerizing, floating there on the rainy street.

HDR Photo