Tutorial HDR em Português – Stuck in Customs

Tutorial HDR em Português

Tutorial HDR em Português

Do you speak Portuguese? My friend Gisele did a full translation of our HDR Tutorial, which is now mirrored here as the “Tutorial HDR em Português“. I know we have a bunch of fans down in Brazil and Portugal, so I am happy to make this available!

Of course, as always, we have the regular HDR Tutorial, if you want the King James version.

Daily Photo – The Park Through the Sky

Isn’t this park awesome? It is an elevated park that weaves along top of New York City. Hardly anyone knows about it!

Of course, people in New York know about it, and they assume that everyone else should know too. It’s relatively new — I think it only opened a few years ago. It’s called “High Line Park”, and it used to have freight trains that ran up and down it back in the 1930’s. That train service is dead, and they converted the entire thing into a long, meandering park.

Steve Simon (see SteveSimonPhoto.com) took me to this place after we had a fabulous French breakfast. I got in a bit of trouble for using my tripod, so I collapsed my tripod and acted like I was walking away until the security guard did. And then I re-built my decepticon transformer and took this HDR.

HDR Photo