The Sheep and the Lonely House – Stuck in Customs

The Sheep and the Lonely House

About to get a new Android Phone

See the “Android Exploration Post” from a few weeks ago.  I’m leaning toward the HTC Desire.  You all are so smart about these things… seems to let me use any sim card when I travel.

Daily Photo – The Sheep and the Lonely House

The countryside is filled with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of little sheep farms.  I think they are all charming and fun to explore.  Luckily, no one seemed to mind when I would jump over fences and galavant across the meadows with my tripod.  The sheep would notice.  After spending a vast amount of time with them (not, “Oh I was just helping this sheep over the fence” time, btw), I can see sheep have two states of mind:

  • Confused – In this state, they look at you with an empty stare.  You can see this in spades below.
  • Scared – In this state, they simply run towards the nearest sheep and roughly at the same vector.

HDR Photo