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New iPad Wallpapers!

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I’m out in Napa visiting my mom and grandmother, so I am just a short distance from Leo in Petaluma.  I’m going over to The Cottage around 12 noon to get on the air and talk about HDR Photography.  It should be fun!   I’ll tweet out the specifics when I arrive.

New iPad Wallpapers! (Yes they work on iPhones too!)

We have new iPad Wallpapers available! Sorry it has taken so long for me to get these out… The first ones sold like crazy. Crazy.  I had no idea…  but was really pleasantly surprised!

Now we not only have 15 more in iPad Wallpaper Pack #2, but now we also have “Blurred” versions of each one.  This allows you to have another version to use on the Home Screen, and it provides the nice illusion of the icons floating above a bokeh background.  It’s hard to explain…  but I am putting a few images here so you can get the idea!

If you missed it the first time around, we now have an “iPad SuperPack” that contains everything you need to make your iPad even more pretty.

This is one of my favorite images from the iPad Wallpaper Pack #2. it was taken in Iceland around 2 AM, just a few days from the Summer Solstice.

This is the blurred version of the same wallpaper, which is an option since you can have a different photo for the home page. The Icons look amazing as they float across the bokeh background.

iPad Wallpaper Pack #2. 15 more beautiful wallpapers for your iPad or iPhone.

You will enjoy looking at the various orientations of the wallpapers in portrait and landscape mode. We did our best to select ones that would look stunning in every configuration.

This image from Wallpaper Pack #2 has the simple zen peace of these wonderful New Zealand mountains called "The Remarkables"