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When the Songs Were Forlorn

New Main Level Article

I did a piece for Smashing several months back called Ten Principles of Beautiful Photography. Since the recent re-design, I made it one of the top-level articles for new people that are just discovering the site. Thanks for all the comments on there. I don’t always get a chance to respond, but I do read them all!

Daily Photo – When the Songs Were Forlorn

Today we have another new Iceland shot!

By this time, I had been in Iceland for about two weeks. Again, this was just after midnight and I was up, quite alone, in the northwest fjord area. I listen to music all the time while hiking and shooting. I had started to enter a non-stop dreamy state after so long out on my own, sleeping days and staying up all nights. When you are surrounded by constant strange-light, everything feels like a waking dream.

And when I reached this point, my iPod playlist started getting into the forlorn songs. It did nothing to help the reality of the situation, if there was one to begin with.