Approaching Roppongi on Foot – Stuck in Customs

Approaching Roppongi on Foot

Interview Recap

In case you missed this interview with Ron Martinsen, a very nice fellow, you can see it over at Being a fellow photographer, he asked very good questions and I enjoyed the talk!

Daily Photo – Approaching Roppongi on Foot

On my last night in Japan, I was feeling restless. It sometimes comes at the end of the trip, when I feel like I just haven’t taken enough photos. Of course, that’s never the case, since I usually have thousands in the hopper by that point. But when I know that the city is full of life, I just have to get out there and capture a bit of it.

Roppongi is one of the most happening areas of Tokyo, and the rain makes it all feel even more alive. It’s pretty safe to walk around at night. On the edges, there are some unsavory types about. Typically, they are large Africans who are in the employ of various underground activities. It’s not a good idea to hang around there, so I pass through as quickly as possible, wielding my tripod like a weapon to give them a bit of hesitation.