The Boiling Heavens – Stuck in Customs

The Boiling Heavens

Daily Photo – The Boiling Heavens

The weather was wet and heavy. It had that feeling that it will rain any minute, and every minute it did not rain felt like a lucky break.

This church sat up high on a hill in NW Iceland and could not be seen from the street. I happened to turn up a little driveway and found it at the top. You can’t see it from this angle (it was impossible to compose), but those homes on the left have grass roofs. There’s another cool shot of that I will sprinkle in during a later post!

I made a point of randomly driving up and down different roads while there.  Sometimes it’s tough, because I got in the habit of driving straight down these highways and ignoring everything.  I occasionally have a rough destination, and the side roads seem like a strange distraction.  Anyway, it takes real discipline to be distracted!