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Over the Top of Iceland

What I Like

I have this new bit there at the top with some menu options. You can see one of them is “What I Like“. I get questions from time to time about what inspires me, what kind of music I listen to when taking and processing photos, and this sort of thing. I don’t have much on that page now, but I’ll add more stuff over time (when I get some).

Daily Photo – Over the Top of Iceland

When I am by myself for weeks on end, I think I probably make bad decisions. I lose all sense of perspective and what is “normal”. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing… I guess some of both.

Anyway, I was driving along the coast in NE Iceland along the fjords. It was about 11 PM and the sun was setting. I was about to lose it behind the mountains, and then I saw a dirt road that went right up one of the mountains. So, I decided to take it for a bit to see if I could get a good photo of the sun.

So, I went up a few miles, and then a few more, and then even more. I could not stop and was chasing the sun across the highlands. I was getting higher and higher into the ice layer.  And then I found this little snowy river and stopped over to take this photo a few minutes after midnight.  What did I find next?  You’ll find out in the next few Iceland shots perhaps!