The Mighty Castle – Stuck in Customs

The Mighty Castle

More TED Talks

I added a few new TED talks to my list that I keep here on the site. If you all have some suggestions, be sure to drop them in… I do my best to scour the web to find the most inspirational stuff, and I always appreciate your input.

Daily Photo – The Mighty Castle

The beautiful castle shifts and changes its color every few minutes. The way the light cycles and changes on it is mysterious. If you just watch it steadily, the light never seems to change, but after a short while, upon reflection, you’ll realize there is a whole new color splashed onto the surface. It’s quite mesmerizing!

I set up here at the base with a 12-24 lens. I felt sorry for everyone else with their cell phone cameras that were trying to get a proper shot of the place from nearby! Whenever I set up and take a while, sometimes it draws a smallish crowd. This crowd, in turn, pulls out cameras and starts shooting from my same perspective. I often turn about and give people a knowing nod.