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The Impossible Mountains

New eBook from David DuChemin

David just released a new book about shooting in Venice that you might want to check out! Even if you are not going to Venice, he talks about how he took each and every shot… good data that is easily transferable to any situation. Besides that, he’s got a good selection of eBooks on there… maybe something will meet your fancy?

Daily Photo – The Impossible Mountains

I spent a wonderful day and night on a farm in the far north of Iceland with fellow photographers Helga Kvam and Völundur Jónsson. We went out to do some shooting together, and then they made me a fantastic meal… I took a bunch of photos of that event that I will post at a later time.

Völundur and I were discussing one particular mountain that was extremely difficult to photograph. I can’t pronounce the name since I can’t speak dolphin, but it’s about two hours outside of Akureyri. The mountain is very spiky and narrow, and it’s embedded in a very rough patch of peaks.

So I did my best to capture it in context. There are great super-hairy horses everywhere, and four of them were playing on one side of the river. I set up… and waited….waited….waited…. for them to get in the right spot and then finally took a photo.

This shot was taken around midnight. Incredible light for that time, eh?